Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mystery photos

So... how about a little diversion? I have been keeping a roll of photo film that has been in every vehicle I have owned over the last 8 years. You see, this roll was completed and put back into a film tube and placed in my vehicle with the intent to drop it off at the photo shop for processing. Well I forgot the first several hundred times I made a mental note to drop it off. I then sold the car that the film was living in and so I transferred to our black car that we bought. We have owned that car 5 years now and the film was in the console the whole time. Well I finally remembered yesterday and dropped it off around midnight at the Walgreens next to the hospital. Clearly I have forgotten what was on the photos by now. The slide show below contains gems from a conference trip I took to San Diego, a couple of engagement pictures (oops), a Hannah bum shot, and some pictures from Krista's trip with Block and Bridle. Enjoy.

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