Friday, May 21, 2010

Baby update and an apology

First things first. Krista and I were surprised by our doctor today when he released her from the hospital this morning. Krista can go home! Basically, the contractions have died down considerably and with no changes during the last 48 hours in terms of labor development they felt comfortable letting her come home. It was kind of funny because we first heard a rumor about Krista going home from the lady that brought the breakfast tray. Not our nurse, not the doctor, not any of the other nurses on the floor. At least we got to come home. The only down side is that we just finished getting the room the way we want with our DVD player and Krista's now famous "preggy nest" (a giant "U" shaped pillow she sleeps in). I'm not complaining though. Now we wait for Renner's next move.

And second, the apology. I (Brandon) mistakenly accused our friends Katy and Nathan of abducting Emma's Gator. Emma stayed with her friends Lilia and Ezra last weekend when we first went to the hospital and we never saw her plush Gator after she returned. I figured since they were Auburn fans they might have done something unmentionable to the rival Gator. Turns out he was just in her duffle bag at the house the whole time. Sorry guys. I was wrong to accuse you of such an evil thing (though Katy did tell me if they were to abduct Gator, they would likely replace him with an Aubie Tiger).

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The Carolina Coles said...

YAY we are so glad she is home! Praying Renner stays inside a bit longer...