Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 1 of Garden 2010

Today marks Day 1 of the new garden. We planted seeds for all the varieties that we think would benefit from an early start (lettuces, herbs, peppers, etc.). Along with everything from last year we are planting a couple different lettuces, corn, yellow jubilee tomatoes, and bok choy (below). We are aiming for a much larger garden than last year's. We will be tilling a large patch in the back yard and starting an in-ground garden. The first planting outside will probably be the first week or two of April.

We are excited and looking forward to getting started. This weekend was the first taste of Spring and we are sooo excited by the warmer weather. This has been a long, cold Winter. Emma, by the way, is born to be gardener. She pulled at least 5 weeds and 67 handfuls of dirt out of the front yard planter box. Hopefully we can keep the beautiful weather a little longer and maybe start Spring a little early.

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