Sunday, January 31, 2010

Big Video Day

Today I finally have all the old videos for you. It takes a lot of time to prepare and upload videos so I often have difficulty getting them online in a normal week. This weekend, though, Emma was sick then we were snowed (iced) in so I spent my time this weekend working on the videos. So without further ado, here are the videos...

This video was from Emma's friend Lilia's birthday party. It is just a couple
minutes of the kids playing and laughing. Also there were our friends Jenn and Grey
and their son Blake (who loves Emma by the way).

This one is the first time Emma tried to feed herself with a spoon. Not much to say
here, but itis a "first" that we wanted to share with you.

This one is from our trip back to Florida for Thanksgiving. While Krista's mom was
cooking, Emma started playing in the kitchen cabinets so we cleared out some space
to let her close the door.

The next day we went and visited Liz's farm. Emma had a great time walking around
exploring the place and made friends with a very friendly barn cat.

Back in NC, we had a small get-together with the Halls for the Gators National
Championship Football game. Unfortunately we lost the game, but we had a great
time with the kids.

This video is from this weekend when the snow fell. It's just Emma and I hanging out
and playing on the computer. The second part of the video, below, is from our
adventures outside in the cold.

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