Monday, March 15, 2010

how many sugar packets are in a cup?

Roughly 46. How do I know this? Well the story goes back to when Krista went shopping with a very rambunctious Emma several weeks ago. One of the items she had to pick up from the store was a box of sugar. We tend to like the Sugar In The Raw brand so she grabbed a box while trying to wrangle Emma. It wasn't until she got home that I pointed out that she grabbed a 1 lb. box of sugar packets instead of a 5 lb. box of unpacketed sugar. We have slowly been using the box but have relied on other sugar sources (ie. the rest of the other bag). When the other bag ran out we planned to get more. Krista, however, decided to bake before we bought a replacement. She carefully measured out and mixed all the ingredients together except for the sugar. Unfortunately it was after 10 pm so the store was closed. So we grabbed the box of sugar packets, the 1 cup and the 1/2 cup and we went to town ripping open sugar packets. 70 packets later, we had 1 1/2 cups of sugar.

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Nikki Kindinger said...

This is exactly what being a mom is: making the best with what you've got! (And being distracted in the store by your little one...)

It was great seeing you! You gotta send me the pics when you get a chance!