Thursday, January 28, 2010

Word Round-Up

So Emma now has a vocabulary. She has reached the stage where everyday is a new word or two. The following are most of the words that we have identified already:

Spoken words
1. Shoes
2. Juice
3. Choo-Choo (used for trains, large trucks, toys, basically anything with wheels)
4. No
5. Da-da (daddy)
6. Mom-Mom (mama)
7. Me-Me-Me (pacifier, spoken very highly pitched)
8. Change (as in Diaper)
9. Diaper (only when prompted)
10. Kitty
11. Meow
12. Please (usually said in combination with the sign version below)
13. Ball

Sign Language Words
1. Please
2. Thank-you
3. Eat
4. More

These are the common words, but as we listen to her we hear words we missed all the time. She is still not very clear in the enunciation department, but she clearly only uses these sounds for specific things. She can also parrot back to you if say something to her a few times and ask her to say it. That was how we got change and diaper (only about 30 seconds of trying on my part and 3 attempts on her part and she had it).

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