Sunday, August 30, 2009

Picture Update

Here is another picture catch-up update. The big news here is that she can walk now. Really well. Also, as you can see, she doesn't go anywhere without her Gator that Micah gave her. And lucky for us, it survived the laundry. You see the inside contains a music box that plays the Gator Fight Song when you pull its tail. But since the Gator goes to day care with Emma now, it gets dirty very quickly. We tried to buy spares, but they are hard to find. So as a last resort, we threw it in the wash. The music box survived. Woohoo!!! This latest set contains a lot of great Emma shots. She was particularly photogenic this morning.


Nikki Kindinger said...

She's adorable!!! Rowan's just about walking--he's tottering around but can't go more than about 6 steps without grabbing onto furniture or falling down. When did you start having Emma wear shoes, and where did you get them? Looks like things are going great for you!
P.S. Saw on facebook you're not feeling well. Here's hoping you're feeling better soon! :)

kwgator said...

Hi Nikki,

Emma has worn shoes off and on for a while but is wearing them whenever we leave the house now because she is required to wear them in daycare. We get her shoes from consignment shops and Target. Target has great baby shoes. And, of course, my sister gave us the famous mini converse hi-tops.