Saturday, August 29, 2009

Emma on Drugs

Back on August 3rd, Emma went in to get her left tear duct probed. Ever since she
was a baby her tear duct was clogged. This resulted in yellow crusties around her
left eye pretty much every day. The probing was a simple procedure during which
the doctor inserts a couple different size metal, you guessed it, probes and kind of
jiggles them about. To prepare for the procedure, though, Emma had to be put
under general anesthesia. The first step is to give her some sedative so that they
can set the IV. Well, the video above is what happens to Emma when she gets a
little tipsy. All of a sudden, everything was funny. She laughed and laughed and
laughed. We thought to record it on video following about 5 minutes of this. It's short
and pretty grainy, but what can you expect from a camera phone, right?

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