Sunday, August 30, 2009

Two-fer Tuesday!

Tonight we have not one, but TWO videos for you. The first is some footage
requested by dad of Emma trying to walk when she still was not very good. She
is much improved over the last two weeks since we shot the video. Now she is
all over the house and VERY stable. Krista just recorded some moments of Emma
walking several steps and falling and trying again. The second video I recorded
yesterday morning. I turned off the TV and started playing some music while I worked
on the computer. One of Emma's favorite games is to play with the knob on the
received whenever it is on. This time, while she was playing with it she started dancing
and I was quick enough with the camera to record it. This is how she dances whenever
she hears music. Most of the time it occurs in the car where it is considerably more
difficult, and dangerous, to record her dancing.

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