Monday, August 24, 2009

A long delayed update...

I know it has been a long time since the last update. We have a couple of things in the works, but we've been little on the busy side lately.

As you all know by now, Emma has celebrated her first birthday back in July. As we have mentioned here before, there is a family at our c
hurch that has helped us several times by offering to watch Emma for us so Krista and I can go out. The Coles have been great and have really made us feel welcome since we moved. Steve, the oldest Cole son, is a budding artist and for Emma's birthday he took it upon himself to create a sketch from Emma's birthday card photo. Krista and I were amazed. He really has a lot of talent and we are honored that he would take the time to do this for Emma and for us. Follow the link for more.

The second is a big update. Our family now has three bipedal humans. Emma can walk! After a couple weeks of taking one or two steps and falling, she can now walk across the room without falling. She is still not very stable, but is improving every day. After her third day of daycare (which is going well, by the way) she came home and showed off her new skills. The cats are beginning to realize now that life will never be the same again.

Finally, daycare (and the new job) is going well. Thanks to everyone that prayed for us. Emma is still having a hard time with being dropped off, but she started to settle down quick at the end of the week. We expect a difficult time again for Monday/Tuesday, but hopefully she will settle in to the routine soon. I guess one of the older kids in her "class" knows her name and calls her "ma-ma" and one of the two years olds saw Krista dropping Emma off yelled, "Emma!" Everyone loves her there and say she is great to have around. Krista is staying super busy with work. Last week was all about workshops so she did not get much prep work done. Today and Tuesday Krista will have off (no students). Classes officially start Tuesday, but she has cancelled lab the first week. Her first lecture periods are on Wednesday. Krista has settled right in and now has the Biology department and the Chemistry and Physics department fighting over her. The biology department hired her, the Chem department "adopted" her.

Watch for more updates soon. This week may still be crazy with Krista starting classes so the next update may be next week.

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