Friday, May 28, 2010

Me-Me free!

We have started the official pacifier weaning phase of life. Yesterday I made the decision that it was time and we made them all disappear while Emma was at daycare. So far she has done extremely well. Aside from a bad drive home from daycare yesterday, she really hasn't missed it. She even went to sleep with no fussing at all last night. If she can manage it tonight, we will be 48 hours "me-me" (Emma-speak for pacifier) free. She even caught sight of the last one in circulation this afternoon before I knew it was there, and while she reached for it she did not break down over it. Here's to small victories.

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Nikki Kindinger said...

We're starting this too, but doing it slowly. Not sure if phasing them out, or if going cold turkey works best for Rowan-- we'll see. He doesn't have them at preschool, and we take them away except at sleep times, but if he sees it, he wants it... good luck with this!