Sunday, September 6, 2009

Wingate baby and Gator baby

This past saturday was the start of college football for division 1 schools which includes the Gators. This is actually the second game for division 2 schools, including Wingate. This weekend we decided to go to the Wingate University football game. You'd be proud of me. I made a concerted effort to collect the camera and all the required accessories, except one. I left the battery at home. As a result, no pictures from the game. Sorry. But I made up for it this morning. We dressed Emma up in her game day outfit and let her play in the yard for a photo op. As you can see, Krista caved and did something she never thought she would do. She bought a cheer-leader outfit for Emma. We also have a Gator outfit for her that is still a little big and I included pics of it as well. Both Florida and Wingate won their games. The Wingate game was fun (and free since Krista is a professor). There is a large grassy area by the south end zone with a hill that Emma could play on. It was very low key and a lot of fun.

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Lynn said...

can't believe she has a cheerleader outfit.. but she does look great in it!