Saturday, September 5, 2009

New Milestones

Emma crossed an important milestone this week. She spent all day thursday at home with mom. When she went back to day care on Friday, she got excited and reached out to Stephanie, her teacher, as soon as she saw her. She now enjoys going to day care and is excited to be there. Everyone has already fallen in love with her too.

Speaking of which, Emma has a boy-friend. His name is Carter. He just moved into her class from the infant class so he is her size (the others are bigger). They hang out and play together all day long. Friday, when they were on a buggy ride, Carter tried the oldest move in the book. They were sitting next to each other and he reached up to stretch his arms and brought them down around Emma's neck. Emma reacted quick. She immediately shoved him off of her and smacked him around a few times. That's my girl!

Today we are going to our first Wingate football game. Krista bought Emma an outfit that we will keep a surprise until later tonight when I will post pictures. Stay tuned...

Oh and It's College Football Season!!! How great is that?!

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