Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Garden Food!

Earlier this week, Krista made a cucumber salad with fresh cucumbers and fresh dill from the garden. We thought we would share it with you even though you can't eat or smell it. If you feel the need to attempt it, I would recommend smelling rather than eating. Computers do not like to be eaten. I also made a second batch of salsa, below. The only thing from our garden are the jalapenos. Our tomatoes and onions are not in yet. We have taken to eating salsa on top of meat. You know, of course, about the salsa on the Rib-Eye, but we have also eaten it on chicken with yummy results.

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Kate said...

Yum yummyness! We have had lots of fresh stuff from our garden too. Its going to stink going back to grocery store food once the season is over. I made a really awesome cucumber salad...recipe is at search "cucumber" Miss you guys!