Friday, June 19, 2009

An eventful week

Two big things happened for us this week.  First, we have now officially the Mac community.  We bought our first Macbook last week and it arrived yesterday afternoon.  For those that are interested, the details of our new laptop are below.  We are very excited and will have to spend the next week or so learning how use it.  We will then move on to making it work for us.  For the uninitiated, Mac's operate differently from Windows based machines.  Many every commands are slightly different so there is a bit of a learning curve ahead of us.

13.3-inch 1200-by-800 pixel LED-backlit display 

2GB memory 

250GB hard drive 

8x SuperDrive (DVD±R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW) 

Built-in iSight camera 

Illuminated keyboard

The second big thing to happen this week is the adoption of our dog Holly.  We have been looking for a home for Holly for a couple of months now.  The reason is simply  because we are not able to give her the time and attention she deserves.  We had actually reached the point that if we did not adopt her out by this weekend she was going back to the shelter.  We had several visits by potential adopters, but they all said the same thing, "She's just too energetic."  When the last one fell through, Krista and I were convinced that she was not going to find a home.  Then Wednesday we got a call from Greg who was looking for a new dog after the death of his last dog last September.  When he showed up, we learned that he is a dog trainer and that all the character issues that were a problem for us were exactly what he was looking for in a dog.  30 minutes after arriving, he was leaving with Holly and we are so excited for her.  She will also be starring in training videos online at as well as getting to go hiking and exploring with her new owner.  Apparently, she has already taken over the house and they are getting along great.  Also, her name will likely change in the coming days.  We are also excited because while she will not be ours, we will still be able to follow her through the magic of Youtube and Facebook.  The moral of the story is to not lose hope, even at the eleventh hour.  God will provide when you least expect it.

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Jenee and Nate said...

Awww Happy Day for Holly! Loved that dog, though she was a bit psychotic!
Wellcome to the mac world as well. Hang in there. It will be a bit annoying to learn but you rwill be ADDICTED once you get the hang!