Thursday, May 14, 2009

A night of few happies

We have some sad news to share. We learned today that we lost the baby that Krista was pregnant with for the last 12 weeks. We went in for a routine exam today with no symptoms of any problems. When the doctor tried to use the doppler radio to listen to the heart beat he could not find one. It was still a little early to hear a heart beat so he brought in the ultrasound. During the ultrasound he found the baby but could not find a heart beat. At that point we knew it was bad news. There is no real way to know what happened. We just know that these things do happen and they are very difficult when they do. Thankfully, we have many friends and family members that love and support us and many of them have been through this very trial before. We want to thank everyone for praying for us.

So what happens next? We have an appointment to go back in the morning for our regular doctor (we had a back-up today because Dr. Thompson was delivering a baby). At this appointment we will discuss the procedure to follow later in the day and we will hopefully find out when we will be scheduled. We plan to go in to the hospital tomorrow afternoon to have a DNC operation to remove the baby. Krista will be asleep during the procedure. Thankfully, some friends of ours have volunteered to take Emma for the day. I have the day off and will be with Krista at the hospital all day. Recovery should be relatively quick (physically). The emotional recovery will likely take some time.

We are very thankful that we have Emma, though. Without her, this would be so much harder than it already is. She has been a bright spot in the day as she has been happy and cheerful. But who wouldn't when you get to try strawberry Jello, black olives, and beets for the first time? As for Krista and I, we will play things by ear. We will take a brief break (until Krista is ready) and then start trying again. Stay tuned...

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The Carolina Coles said...

We are very blessed to have had the chance to watch Emma for the day. We will be praying diligently for your hearts this week as the emotional loss will likely feel heavy and raw. We are doing many small family trips as Howard is done with seminary after tomorrow morning's final. Just know as we are away that we are thinking of your dear family and bringing you before the throne.

Love, the COLES