Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mystery solved!

Some of you may know that Friday morning Emma woke up with a fever and in short order vomited everything that she had eaten during the night. That was a great day (sarcasm intended). Soon after she did that, she went back to sleep and took a couple of long naps during the day. At first we thought she was sick and were planning on getting her to the doctor because it was a Friday and we didn't want to have a sick baby for the weekend with no relief. Well, after she woke up from her nap, she was acting like normal (if a little clingy). So we decided to not go to the doctor and just wait it out. Everything looked good that night and she slept fairly well during the night until about 3:30. That was when I noticed she was feverish again. Finally, this morning I checked her mouth (we suspected it might be teething related) and found the source of all the fuss. She was THREE teeth coming in. The next two on the bottom and one molar. That's right, a molar. We still have a long way to go with the molar too. The two bottom teeth are already in, for the most part. They have cut through and just have to rise up the rest of the way. The molar is still forming and her gums are quite swollen. We will keep you posted, though we expect to lose a lot of sleep for the next several nights. This child never seems to get teeth one at a time, which is good I guess. She always seems to get them in bunches.

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