Sunday, April 6, 2008

Baby Clothes

These are just some of the baby clothes that Krista has made over the last several weeks. Krista has been busy lately with the crib bedding, a diaper bag, and a very special home-made hooter hider. Pictures of the new projects will be posted in time. Also, our friend Kelly is responsible for the cow outfit and cow blanket (Thanks!!). Krista is convinced Emma will be cuter than everyone else's babies. Just a little warning to the world. Check the clock to the right if you need a lot of warning so you can be prepared for the cuteness that is to come.


Sarah said...

Very cute :) I'm so excited for you guys. Congrats on the PhDs as well... doesn't it feel fabulous to be done?!?!?!

Hopefully you can follow this link to our website, I look forward to following along on this journey with you guys!

katy kat said...

You have made such NEAT stuff! I am so impressed. If you didn't have your own baby on the way I think I would insist you make something for Jesse :) Also that picture of you (Krista!) on the site is BEAUTIFUL! You look wonderful. I hope you are still feeling wonderful!

Emily said...

I can tell your 4-H skills are coming in handy! Congratulations!