Sunday, March 2, 2008

I felt it!

And by I, I mean me, Brandon. I felt Emma kick tonight for the first time! Krista was laying in bed and we were talking when she mentioned that Emma was moving around. I decided to put my hand on her stomach to try to feel it even though I'm not supposed to for another month or two. But I felt her! It was a small kick (several of them actually). I held my hand still for a minute (and had to ask Krista to stop talking so that I could actually tell if I felt anything) and then "pop". A little kick. Then another. Then two at a time. It was amazing. Now Krista doesn't get to hog all the fun kicking action. I get to share. Now that I know I can feel her, I'll be trying more in the future.

On a side note, we have an ultrasound and a checkup on two days this week. Watch for updates, new pictures, and possibly video! That's if we can get it to work. Bye for now.

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