Monday, November 5, 2007

The Proof is in the Pee

We first learned we were pregnant Thursday of last week (November 1st). We knew it was about time to test. To prepare for it, Krista bought new pregnancy tests a few days earlier because she didn't like the digital ones I bought. She likes to see the test develop. With the digital, you just get a flashing hour glass for a minute or two and then, BANG! Your result. After sleeping in longer than normal that morning (mostly due to nerves), she decided it was time to get up. I stayed in bed and prayed to calm my nerves. Krista used a cup so she could do two tests. The blue ones are ok to use early, while the other is best on the day of your first missed period. Her period was supposed to come the following day. She performed the necessary steps and then stood at the counter watching.

The dark vertical line on the right of the top test is the control line. This line is used to determine if the test is valid. When this line is dark and full, you've done a good job using the test. It is also farther away from the test strip area than the test lines (the plus sign). By the time the control is finished developing, your test should be finished as well. When the dark line appeared in the control window, only a light horizontal line was apparent in the test window. At this point Krista said, "It doesn't look good for the good guys." Upon hearing her discouragement, I went to be with her. The other test was still flashing. As I was walking up to the the bathroom, Krista exclaimed, "HELLO!" When I got there the other test had changed to "pregnant".

We looked at each other and, trembling, quickly grabbed another test and dunked it in the cup. We waited another long 90 seconds. Again, "pregnant". Obviously we were excited, though we were still a little uneasy. We went back to the first test to examine it. When we grabbed it, we realized that it had fully developed now. We had three positive tests. We're pregnant!

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