Monday, November 5, 2007

First Reactions

We spent Thursday driving around Gainesville looking for baby books and generally just enjoying the day. That's not to say we didn't have any more excitement. At lunchtime we were already scheduled to meet my mom at the natural history museum. She was there for a field trip with her class. As we were walking up, Casey came out to meet us and shared with us a dream she had the night before. We were still very excited and just trying to maintain our composure. We weren't ready to spread the word yet. So Casey starts off by telling us that in her dream she was very mad at us. Apparently we had gotten pregnant and posted the news on our blog and told everyone else but her. In her dream she found out by reading the blog and she was very insulted. She was laughing and the whole dream was funny and we did our best to laugh it off, but seriously... how did she know? It was apparent she didn't. But we were blown away by the story. We managed to get through the rest of the day without a hitch.

We started telling a handful of people Friday night. We now felt a little more in control of things, even though it didn't really feel real. We were going to wait until Saturday originally because we would be seeing all four parents and our siblings over the weekend. We ended up telling Micah first. But we told him he couldn't tell anyone. We were on our way to Whitney's birthday party and didn't want to hijack the party. We told a few more of our close friends that night and managed to avoid spilling the news to Krista's parents (who were at the party).

Saturday was game day. We were planning on meeting Krista's parents there before walking over to the game. Thursday, Krista and I went all over town and found some UF Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle, Aunt shirts from a gator store in the mall. We decided to give them all T-shirts and pretend like they were gifts for the end of our family tailgating adventures (because Krista and I will be leaving Gainesville soon). Right as they were opening the packages, Krista says, "we're pregnant." Krista's mom jumped up and was very excited.

Sunday was the day for my family. Casey already knew by then so we just had to tell my family (at this point I was banned from breaking the news. Apparently I did such a poor job with Casey that Krista had to take over). We met with mom first. We were hanging out and again using the ruse of, "here's a gift," we surprised mom. She was very excited and immediately jumped up and gave Krista a hug. That night over dinner at Logan's, dad gave a similar reaction. All of our family is very happy and excited and we are so glad to share this with everyone. At the end of the day Sunday we were finally able to tell Whitney. She had been out of town with her mom that weekend so she had to wait. She was also very excited and she and Krista immediately started planning out decorations and all kinds of other girly things.

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