Monday, November 26, 2007

Check me out!

For everyone that thought we were waiting to have an ultrasound on Dec. 6th, SURPRISE!!! We just went and had one today. Unplanned. This has been a stressful weekend. In case you haven't been following our other blog (here), Sophie has been sick and in the vet hospital for a week now. The full explanation is on the blog. This morning she had a feeding tube inserted because our new treatment seems to be working. Additionally, Friday evening Krista started bleeding. Bleeding during pregnancy occurs in about 20-30% of all pregnancies. We were very nervous because it can be a sign of problems. We immediately called our doctor and she told us to schedule an ultrasound on Monday morning, which we did. In the mean time, the bleeding stopped rather quickly (a good thing). Krista then proceeded to get a slight fever and a cold (not a good thing). By the time Monday rolled around we couldn't wait to see the doctor so we would know what was going on. The ultrasound this morning went well. The first thing that the doctor looked for was the baby which was immediately obvious. In addition, a strong healthy heartbeat could be seen as well (we didn't get to hear it though). The baby looks fine, which is very good news. She then looked at Krista's ovaries and found something. A few years ago, Krista had a few health problems related to a cyst on her right ovary. It's still there. It is rather large and is benign. It shouldn't cause any problems for the baby unless the ovary twists during pregnancy. If it does, then Krista might need surgery during her pregnancy. If it doesn't twist, then she should have a healthy pregnancy and be fine. If she happens to have a C-section, they will remove it at that point. Krista may experience a little more bleeding (some blood is actually visible in the image above) but was told not to worry unless certain changes occur. Her cold should go away eventually and we should be on track. The baby does look a little on the small side, but it may be simply that the baby is scrunched up a little. At this point we are watchful, but not nervous. And hey, we got an early ultrasound to boot!

FYI: The baby is in the large black area at the center of the image. You can't really see the the heart, but if you click on the image you will see a series of 4 dots from top to bottom of the baby (used for measurement: 0.8 cm long). The second dot down from the top is roughly near where the heartbeat was. The heart sits a little to the left of the dot.

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