Monday, November 26, 2007

Check me out! addendum

After further research into cysts of the ovarian variety I have a couple things to add. The first being that the size of the cyst is roughly the size of a golf ball (see above). It dominated almost the entire field of view of the ultrasound image (same magnification as the image below). For a cyst of this type, that is not particularly large. More average than large. My research online has indicated that pregnant patients are advised one of two ways: 1. Leave it in unless there's a problem and remove it postpartum. 2. Remove it at the 16 week mark of a pregnancy to prevent problems. We will no doubt be discussing this with our doctors in coming weeks to get their opinions. The chances are slim that it will cause any problems and of course there are risks with surgery, but if a problem arises in late pregnancy these things are difficult to remove because of the rather large human residing next to it. If surgery is the route we take, Krista will likely be in the hospital for about three days. It will essentially be like her hiatal hernia surgery recently. Similar recovery times (just a little added difficulty because of the pregnancy). Don't be alarmed or worried yet (we aren't). I'm just preparing you for options that we are likely to face in the coming weeks.

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