Tuesday, June 1, 2010

video roundup

Much belated, but finally here. Three new videos for you to enjoy. It's amazing what 24 hours at a hospital with nothing to do does for your blogging productivity. The first is footage from the last two snow storms this year. Nothing special, just Mommy, Daddy, and Emma playing in the snow. The second two are from our trip to Texas to visit our friends in Waco: Kelly and Jason and their boys, Alistair and Callum. Part 1 is our flight out and time at the Children's Museum at Baylor University. It is finished by a little lunch time entertainment with the three kids at one of the campus eateries. Part 2 is a brief clip of Emma playing in a hotel room in San Antonio and then Emma showing off her new playground skillz she picked up while we were out there. Enjoy.

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