Monday, May 31, 2010

First visits

It should be known that our first visit from a friend or family came at 3 am. Our friend Howard happens to work nights in the ER at SMS-union and he popped in for a visit before anyone else. We were very thankful for the visit and I know he'll be rubbing it in at home today. Later, we called home and asked Krista's parents to bring Emma by. She never fully understood all the talk about babies for the last several months. You could ask her where the baby was and she would point to Krista's tummy, but then she would point at mine and point at hers and anyone else's in the area. Unfortunately, I did not have the camera running the instant she came in, but her reaction was fun. When I picked her up to show her she immediately got this serious look on her face and the smile disappeared. When I told her it was a baby and it was her brother she started looking around to see everyone else's reaction. Not a hit at first. We then let her down and let Grandma hold him for a few minutes. During that time we gave Emma her "new baby day" gifts: the three Wonderpets - Linny (guinea pig), Ming Ming (duck), and Tuck (turtle). Next I sat with the baby and Emma and she got to see him up close for the first time. This time she was much happier and kept wanting to pet him and touch his face. It will take some time, but she will settle in and be a great big sister. It's still weird to us that he's here and that we now have TWO kids. It's especially strange to see the two of them together.

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Donna Harris said...

Precious pictures. Enjoy the journey with two kids. It's great! (We have two) Thankful and rejoicing with you.