Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Back to the Hospital

We only got to stay home for a mere 20 hours before we were going back to the hospital. Krista started having contractions again around 4 am at a spacing of 7 minutes. By noon, the spacing was down to 5 minutes. By 4 pm it was down to 4 minutes and they were increasingly painful. We called the doctor and were told to go back to the hospital. At the hospital ~6 pm we were running 3 minutes apart. The contractions continued to get longer and much stronger into the night. After some discussion with our doctor we decided that we wanted to let nature take its course at this point. The only drug that showed any ability to stop the contractions is the Magnesium Sulfate and we were not willing to go through that again. The general consensus is that Krista is going to have a baby soon. The problem is, soon can mean within 6 hours or within 6 days. She is making slow progress dilating. We are basically waiting for her water to break at this point.

Last night was another rough night because neither of us slept. Today was easier, but we are back on our increased pain contraction schedule. We will keep you posted. Also, in case anyone would like proof, the photo above is from this afternoon. It was taken of Krista's strip chart that is monitoring her contractions. The right column is a relative measure of the strength of the contractions and the left column is the fetal heart rate. Every dark line is 1 minute of time. Her contractions were 3-4 minutes apart in this photo.

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