Thursday, April 8, 2010

Texas Trip and Easter

The first slide show has a few pictures from Texas when we went to visit the MacGregors. Their boys, Callum and Alistair, and our Emma played constantly. Emma came home with a new appreciation for trains ("choo choos") and roller coasters and ladders. I will have some video up soon from the children's museum in Waco (an interactive science museum).

The second slide show is from Easter 2010. First, Emma has hair long enough for small pig tails now. She's not very thrilled with them, but she keeps them in long enough for photo ops. Then we took Emma out back for an easter egg hunt which she loved. It's great with a 2yo because you can rehide the eggs she has already found as soon as she turns her back. Very economical. And, finally, we have Easter Sunday with Emma in her new Easter dress. She was very photogenic that morning so I loaded the pictures to the website full-size so that if anyone wanted to save any and make prints you could.

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