Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Crafty Feast and Birthday party Wrap-up

So we are back from our trip to Columbia. I meant to post everything yesterday, but we made last minute trip to the fabric store to buy fabric for a bag that Krista sold this weekend. The first part of the slideshow is from the Crafty Feast. We knew it was going to be an interesting event because it was billed as an "Indie" craft show. The show was filled with home-made and recycled art and jewelry as well as bags, dolls, and clothing. A few of our favorites were the shrunken sweaters turned into bears, silk screened T-shirts, hand-dyed fabric, and some really nice chairs with woven seats. Some of the more interesting items included giant sock puppets with cigars in their mouths, various strange and dark artwork incorporating plastic dolls various violent poses, and rubber purses made from recycled inner tubes. The crowd was also fun. We had everything from moms pushing strollers to free spirited former hippies and everyone's favorite rollergirl team.

As we were setting up we noticed that there were a couple of random girls in short shorts and fishnet stockings roaming around. Given the crowd around us, we didn't think much of it until I saw the fourth girl dressed the same way. Eventually we figured it out, the local roller derby team was out in force. Later in the morning there was a kickball game between the roller girls and the local Hooters girls followed by a roller derby demonstration in the gym. Finally, the whole time we were working, loud Indie rock music was blasting around us and there were several bands playing throughout the day. One of the bands was pretty good, too. I swear I saw a groupie rocking out next to the stage around 2pm.

All in all, we had a blast at the craft fair even if it was not the best event to sell designer diaper bags. That said, we did take orders for two bags and sold one from our stock.

Sunday we went to Kate's for her son's 2nd birthday party. (Kate shared a booth with Krista) Everyone had a great time at the party and Emma learned a new skill. We were going to put her in the pool, but with the bigger kids playing around her it was not a good idea. Besides, it was a little deep for her. So, instead, I decided to put her on the little 4-wheeler powerwheels toy that they had in the back yard. None of the kids were interested in it and it was a good size for her to have a seat that would keep her off the grass. She spent probably 15 minutes there before she figured out that if you push the red button on the handle it will move. Once she figured this out, she was gone! She drove all over the yard the rest of the party. She loved it. She only went a couple feet at a time, but she made her way all over the yard. I have video and will be adding it a little later (it takes a while to convert the video, but it is coming).

It turned out to be a great weekend and we are back home recovering from the trip and preparing for our trip to Florida on Saturday. Stay tuned for more video and a garden update later in the week (it's huge and we are growing several vegetables now).

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