Sunday, May 3, 2009


So I had a great idea. I would be the greatest father ever! I would get an inflatable pool for Emma to splash around in during the summer. Everything went well as we bought the pool, an air pump, and a bathing suit. That should be all we need, right? Right? Wrong (we'll get to what I forgot later). So we came home and Mommy was sleeping so we set to work. First, get dressed. I stripped Emma and put her in her new "Little Mermaid" bathing suit. I then put her in the pack 'n' play and went outside to inflate the pool. I laid it out and started pumping air into the pool. I stopped after the first ring because that was all I would need for the 2 inches or so of water that I would add. I then went inside to get Emma. And that was when I discovered the mistake. Emma peed all over the pack 'n' play. Apparently they make special diapers for pool time. I knew regular diapers would not work because they would just get really thick and absorb all the water. So I put her in her bathing suit with no diaper on. I now know that was a mistake. Emma didn't care though. She loved her pool and splashed around and crawled around to her heart's content. Sorry, no pictures. I kind of forgot the camera in the middle of the pee crisis. We will get pictures the next time, though.

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