Sunday, May 3, 2009

Garden Update from 4-27-09

So I meant to post this update last week, but never had a chance to get it on the site. Since this update is a week old, I will take pictures tomorrow and show the difference a week makes. From here you can see that our lettuce plants are going really well and our beans have all popped up. At this point, all of the plants that we had transplanted were doing well and seeds had sprouted. Since then, we have planted some black-eyed peas in two empty squares, planted six more strawberry plants, and filled in our herb squares with more seeds because the transplants were looking a little weak. We have also added trellises to our tomatoes and snow peas (the trellises for the snow peas were actually stolen from the cucumbers, but they needed them sooner). Watch for tomorrow's update. The difference is quite significant.
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