Sunday, February 22, 2009

Brief update

So we have a few updates for you. First, while you may know about Krista's new venture in, you probably do not know about our new homepage for family related information. I have bought the following web address for use as our family blog: Fullofhappies comes from something we say to Emma all the time when she is smiling. We often ask her, "Are you full of happies?" To which she often smiles and makes cute noises. As a result, I decided to grab the web address (it helps that .info addresses were on sale). This site will look and feel the exact same as the website, but will fall under a new address. Obviously you can still access the site the old fashioned way as well. I just set up a site pointer (link) to the original. Also, coinciding with this change, we are going back to one main website for all family updates. I simply do not have the time or motivation to maintain two blogs any more so this should help out.

The second update is more of a non-update. Emma is still not crawling. She can push up on to her hands and knees and she rocks back and forth a lot. Today she started pushing up onto her hands and toes (knees off the ground). She also rolls all over the place. Gone are the days when we could put her down and she would stay in one place. I expect she will be crawling any day now. The other Emma update is that Emma has started eating solid food (as in crunchy). She has started eating Gerber Puffs. Puffs are dried sweet potatoes that melt in your mouth. It is sort of a transition food to crunchier items like Cheerios. She has gotten so that she really likes them and begs for more. We are still only giving her a few per feeding, but it will not be long before she starts eating them all the time.

The third update is a picture update. The slideshow below is a collection of pictures from our trip to the Florida State Fair. Krista's dad runs the sheep show so we came down to show Emma the baby sheep. As you will see, Emma got to be very close and personal some baby sheep and a baby goat. By the way, Emma is not afraid of any animal no matter how big it is. Emma had no problems reaching and grabbing at cow ears, bunny rabbits, or sheep. Micah and Whitney nicknamed her "T.K." which was short for Tiny Klepto because she kept trying to steal various items from the exhibitor booths as we walked past. All in all, Emma enjoyed her first fair.

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