Sunday, January 4, 2009

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So there has been some confusion regarding Krista's cryptic post above. The site that she linked to is going to be the new home of her sewing business. Custom diaper bags and baby clothes will be offered for sale as she builds her business. The site will function just like any other online retailer. We will be able to have a shopping cart, allow for credit card purchases, and have pages to describe Krista's various items that she will come to offer. The first phase is diaper bags. She already has a couple of her own designs that she has made already and we have fabric to make several in advance to optimize her patterns and populate the site. We obviously have not added much of anything to the site yet. That will come in due time. The name "Roo Baby Designs" comes from Emma's middle name. Krista's dad calls Emma "Roo Baby" and Krista decided that she wanted it to become the name of her business. That's all for now. Let us know if you have any suggestions for the website. Especially as we begin updating it with real information. We could use a lot of input regarding functionality, appearance, and content. You can email your suggestions to Krista's new business email address,

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