Monday, November 10, 2008

Emma laughs

Emma likes to laugh. Especially when you bend her in half and shake her feet. Even more funny than that, though, is when you use her own feet to kick her in the head (gently). She still hasn't figured out that trick yet. Let's hope she doesn't for a little longer.


Nikki Kindinger said...

Krista! I know this is late, but Congratulations! I just now have finally looked at your blog (it seems I only get stuff done at 3 in the morning), and Emma is adorable! The videos remind me so much of my own baby and what he's doing and going through-- its great to see other parents going through this. Also, good job on fitting back into your pre-pregnancy pants so quickly! I am also able to do it, but they don't seem as flattering as they did before--I compare it to stuffing meat into a sausage casing. Anyway, I better get the milk warmed up before Rowan wakes up. Love your blog!

Lynn said...

I love the video of Emma laughing. She is amazing! I think I will be in Charlotte in march for a conference. I know its a super long time away, but I would love to see you and emma and brandon!!! have a happy thanksgiving!