Monday, September 15, 2008

Emma Ruth returns to Gainesville

I know I haven't updated in a while. Hopefully, this will start to make up for it. We have more pictures on the camera that I will add later and, of course, we have plenty of video. Enjoy.

These pictures are from Emma's first several weeks and our return trip to Gainesville. She did an amazing job riding in the car and was very personable with everyone she met.

One of our first stops was to visit with Nana. Nana and Emma had not met prior to this visit. Unfortunately we had to rush, but it was great to see the two of them together finally.

Next, we went to visit Grandpa Renner. Emma's middle name is Ruth like her Grandma Renner who passed away. It was an emotional visit and a great experience.

Now I must apologize to my dad for not taking a picture of him and Emma together before our trip to Florida. These pictures are the first ones of the two of them together. Also in this set is Emma's second visit to Abio's in Ocala (second outside of the womb).

Here, the Stevens' get to see Emma and Jenee got to tell her about all the cool stuff Emma and Aunt Jenee were going to do when she got older.

Finally, this collection contains a mixture of pictures from our final day in Gainesville including a visit with the Hamersma's and our first time meeting Meredith.

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