Tuesday, July 22, 2008


We now have many minutes (not hours quite yet) of video of Miss Emma. All of it is in electronic form and stored on a hard drive here in NC. That's great for me, but none of you get to see anything more than these Youtube videos that I have to record at lower quality due to the limitations of the internet. As a result, I have plans to get a DVD burner that we can use to make DVD-quality video for everyone to have a copy of their own (we can even do high-def if I record to the highest setting). At the moment, however, that is not the case. Just hold tight and enjoy the videos on Youtube and when we can burn them to DVD, you can have copies. If you must have a copy right now, we can put some of them on CD or jump drive in electronic form. This will work for computer viewing, but not for TV viewing (unless your DVD player can read MPEG files from a CD). More videos will follow. I'm doing my best to add them, but they are much faster and easier to record on the camera than they are to transport to the computer/convert/edit/upload.

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Anonymous said...

You won't get any complaints from me that "she's just waking up". I'll watch her do anything! Love Mom (Wilson)