Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Things we have learned over the last week

Before I get into our lessons from Emma, several people have asked if there is anything that we need right now. The best thing right now would be gift cards to Target. We are trying to buy a rocker/glider and gift cards would be wonderful as we could put them towards that purchase. Thank you everyone for your love and support!!!

Now for the fun stuff. Things Emma has taught us over the past week:
1. Baby swings are wonderful.
2. It's amazing something so small can produce her weight in poo every day.
3. Everyone is happier when mommy takes her pain pills.
4. Whether it's reflex or gas, any facial feature resembling a smile is cause for celebration.
5. Turning a box fan on low at night results in 300% more sleep for mommy and daddy.
6. Changing a diaper after only one noise is pointless.
7. A high-pitched squeal means we have exactly two seconds to fix whatever the problem is before the full-blown screaming starts.
8. There is no limit to the absolute joy we experience every time we look at her.

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