Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Milkman Cometh!

Krista's milk came in this morning. It normally takes 3-5 days for this to occur so we are happy to be on the shorter end of the scale. Emma thinks Krista makes good mommy squirt (that one's for you, Casey). Yesterday afternoon and evening were pretty rough. Emma (and her parents) had a couple of meltdowns due to her frustration. She was getting hungry and with no milk coming in Emma had to rely on colostrum which is not as nutritionally rich. As a result, she stayed hungry most of the day despite repeated feedings. During this time, Emma found her voice. When Emma was born, she didn't really cry. She made a few noises and some brief cries, but the image of a wailing baby at birth failed us. We were both pretty concerned when she was born and the room was quiet. It turned out that everything was fine. She has passed every test and looks good (more on the birth to follow in another post). For most of the first day, we had a quiet baby. She made little baby noises, but no crying. Then the first night when the nurses brought her back in, she found her voice. She still didn't cry much though. Just brief bursts of sound. Well yesterday, that all changed. She knows how to wail. She usually starts by fidgeting around and making faces. That is usually followed by her turning bright red and a loud, high pitched scream. After a few of those screams go (seemingly) unanswered, full blown crying breaks out. She practiced for a few hours yesterday afternoon and again this morning around 4 am. We were thrilled (not really ;-). Everything is normal and with the milk coming in and all the exhaustion from crying yesterday I think we will see a quieter day today. Krista and I also had a release of sorts yesterday evening that helped to deal with some of the emotions from the week. Today we get to go home and Emma gets to see her new home and her kitty sisters and brother. We are tired too and ready to be home. Below are a few pictures from this morning for you.

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