Monday, June 9, 2008

T-30 days and counting

We now have 30 days left to our due date (note the count-down timer to the right). This is the home stretch. We have had a few hiccups here and there, but generally everything has gone fairly well. We have even bought a car seat (finally). We love our new car seat and have it in the car already. Now all we need is a baby! For those keeping track, Krista is still having contractions on a regular basis. Every day is filled with contractions such that they are now common place and Krista doesn't really mind most of them. By comparison, the strength of the latest contractions is much higher than when we went to the hospital the first time back at 29 weeks. Back then they felt really strong but they only made it to the 40's and 50's on the scale. The other day when we went to the hospital (for a few reasons that concerned us, but everything checked out perfect), Krista was having run of the mill contractions that she is used to and they were measuring between 100 and 112. Now this could be simply a scaling thing (different scales at different hospitals), but I'm taking it to mean Krista is now used to fairly strong contractions. That's it for now. Tonight we have the "big" class at the hospital that covers everything we need to know before/during/after delivery. I'll make sure update you if anything news worthy comes along.

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Kate O. said...

3 days now until full term, right???
Way to go Krista for keeping her in there, and way to go Emma for recognizing what's best for you right now! (Coming from someone who knows) I'm sure in a few days though, your parents will be ready for your evacuation, so you are then allowed to GET ON IT! :)