Sunday, June 1, 2008

Emma needs to make up her mind!

This was an interesting weekend. Beginning probably Friday, Emma decided she wanted to start moving to get in position. As a result, Krista started having contractions again. We knew from the ultrasound that she was sitting really low with her head down. Most of the time, Emma has been head down and sort of sideways across Krista's belly. Well yesterday, Krista and I took a nap. When Krista woke up, she noticed that her stomach was a different shape than when she went to bed. It now projects more straight out than before and is narrower. Emma had completed her move to the "anterior" position. This is the name of the position babies take prior to delivery. Most babies get in this position around 35-37 weeks. We are a little ahead of schedule, but not bad. The fact that she turned doesn't she is coming this week (or next). It just means she is in her final position. As a result of all this movement, Krista started have contractions again. This is not labor, just contractions. Basically her uterus is just contracting to help Emma get moved around. Things are fine now, but at the time we were a little worried. She was having moderate contractions at about 8 per hour. When we tried to call the doctor, we couldn't get ahold of anyone. I had to try every number I could find on the internet and then just called the hospital and got ahold of a doctor at that point. As it turns out, the OB practice decided to change their phone system to a new one Friday night. It didn't work. Great timing. Anyway, everything looks good again. No worries. Oh, except for a quick trip to Houston I have to make. I am in the airport right now. I will be back on Tuesday morning and Emma is under strict orders to stay put until I get back. For those that are worried, Krista is in good hands. She has some phone numbers of some local people from church that have agreed to take care of her if there is a problem. In addition, I know when the flights are leaving Houston tomorrow afternoon if I get an emergency call. This adventure also reminded us that we never got our car carrier. We decided it was probably a good idea to go ahead and order one ;-)

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