Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Great Baby Deal of the Week

So we were at Target last night and I decided to check out the clearance baby aisle because sometimes they have great deals. I have been wanting the Angelcare baby monitor for awhile because it is the one that you put under the baby and if she stops breathing for more than 20-30 seconds it alerts you. The problem is that it costs $100. I found one last night on the clearance aisle where the box was a little beat up and it was 50% off!!!!! I was excited.


Andrea Butler said...

Hey guys, as the cousin with twins I can tell you Dave and I went through exactly what you just went through with contractions. I had a urinary tract infection...so just have them check that out. Also, my cousin's wife..the other side of the family is from Monroe, North Carolina so let me know if you need advice about an OB. Now that you're closer to us than your parents you will need to come back to Powhatan to visit. Virginia is only 5 hours from where you are. Please shoot for July 11th, it is my birthday. lol

katy kat said...

That is awesome about the Angel care monitor! We have one, and I seriously didn't sleep UNTIL we bought it (when Jesse was about 3 weeks old), we are still using it and there have been several false alarms (when they start moving if they roll off to the very corner of the crib or something) but overall it REALLY helps me to sleep easier!