Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fifteen Weeks!!!!!!

Wow, I can't believe that we've made it to 15 weeks!!! Starting this week I could possibly start feeling the baby move, though it could still be several weeks before I feel it. We have an ultrasound on January 30, so we're really hoping to find out the sex then, hopefully the baby will cooperate. I defend next week and then I can get to making baby clothes full-time! The thing I'm most excited about right now is that I'm getting a real baby bump that is noticeable by everyone else!!! I'm not nauseous anymore really unless I get a whiff of Sophie's cat food, though I've got the backaches and headaches pretty regularly right now. I also have to get up and pee alot at night, but other than that I feel good. The cats are mad at me because I won't let them jump on my lap anymore, but they will survive. More to come soon!

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