Thursday, November 8, 2007

Krista's First Ever Post: My Thoughts on Baby Showers

Hello friends and family, this is my first ever blog post!!!! At some point in time I imagine some of you may consider having a baby shower for me and the little one. In order for this to be an enjoyable experience for everyone I thought I would post some of my thoughts on baby showers, please take my advice!
1. Skip the finger foods and go for the real stuff. Barbecue is always a good choice.
2. Games that involve the taboo of certain words, for example, "baby", are NOT a good idea. I sincerely detest these games and would prefer they be omitted.
3. Any games that involve anyone eating anything gross should be avoided. Most of you have known me long enough to know this is a bad idea.
4. Any games that involve making fun of a particular person or humiliating anyone are a very bad idea. The idea here is for all to have a good time and celebrate the baby, not make people do things they don't want to do.
5. I really don't like grocery store cakes. I am much happier with a homemade boxed cake and Betty Crocker icing.

Brandon says that it is too early to be thinking about these things, but I believe in taking care of these issues before they become a problem. :)
Thank you all for your love and support. I am very very excited about the next 8 months and I am sure you are too.
By the way, Jay has decided that that picture of the 5 week old baby that Brandon posted yesterday looks like a Hammerhead shark. Fortunately, our baby is now officially a 6 week old baby, so Jay has to come up with a new nickname.
Go Gators!!!!!!!

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